Our Mission

At The Giving Print, we want you to think about others before yourself. We know it's not easy, so to encourage you to give more, we want to give you two prints with every order. One for yourself, and one for you to give to someone else. Now, every time you look at the artwork on your wall, you'll be reminded of the bond you created, by so generously giving to someone else.

The Giving Print is a "for-profit" company, that gives to others. We give photographers and artists a chance to share their art with the world. We provide people a reason to give to those around them and we give to the charities that we are passionate about. 

We like to imagine what the world would be like if everybody gave a little bit more. Hopefully, we will be the start of something new and exciting that everyone else can get behind. If you're an artist who is also passionate about giving, contact us to find out how to parter with The Giving Print.