What are people saying?


“Photography can do amazing things to the heart.”

Being able to give the print to my friend was priceless. With so much darkness going on in and around her world, it was a blessing to show her something beautiful as a reminder of hope in God's beautiful promises. Sometimes there are not words to comfort, but Art/Photography can do amazing things to the heart!

— Melissa Alahverdian

“Something I know will bless her everytime she sees it.”

"It was a joy for me to share this picture. It was so fun to be the go-between- introducing my friend to some amazing photography and giving her something I know will bless her every time she sees it."


— Cara Dury

Through all the ups and downs it brings joy and hope

The Print meant so much to my Mom. She said "Through all the ups and downs it brings joy and hope. One day I would love to see it in person. That's where hope is." It felt amazing to make her smile and giving her the love that I have, even through someone else's art.

- Katie Storey

It's so beautiful

"I got a print from Joe today!! It's so beautiful and is something I will look at to make me smile. Thank you.” 

— Nancy Carter


The print was for my sister who is battling end stage cancer. She loved it. I thought it was what heaven opening up would look like. 

— Patty West