What is The Giving Print?

The Giving Print was created to inspire, encourage and care for other people. 

I originally started this idea on my 41st birthday. I went on Facebook and told everyone I was giving away landscape prints that I had taken, but there was a catch. The catch was, you had to think of someone else to give it to that needed it more than you. I was flooded with stories of people caring for other people and wanting me to send them a print to cheer them up! I spent my entire birthday writing down notes and sending out prints. It made me feel great to be giving to other people! 

A couple weeks later, I started "The Giving Print". Every time someone bought a print, I would send them two. One for them and one to give to someone else. It was a new and creative twist on selling prints, but there was still something missing. The idea was hard to explain and found people loving the idea, but being very confused by the concept.

I knew I was on to something, but I couldn't quite figure it out. I kept the name of the business, but concentrated more on my photography. 

It wasn't until a close friend of mine was going through a had time, that I decided to bring back the idea of The Giving Print and give it a more meaningful twist. I was frustrated with greeting cards, because I knew if I sent one that it would get stuffed in a drawer. I also didn't want to send him an email or facebook message, because everyone does that and my thoughtfulness would just get lost in the crowd. 

He loved my landscape photography and I knew that the images were inspiring, but I wanted to create something that would stand out as a constant reminder that I was there for him!

That's when I decided to create the red frame. I loved the color and no one else was using red frames, so I knew it would stand out on a wall. The only problem was whether or not it would actually look good with all the landscape pictures I had taken. I took a chance and spent some money on some test prints. The finished product blew me away and I knew instantly we had something that could really make a difference in my friends life!

I sent one of the three test prints I had created to him. It was a picture of Grand Teton mountain and I wrote him a personal message telling him I loved him and to stay strong in the bad time he was going through. He was overwhelmed that I would send that to him, but it has made a huge difference in the way he thinks of himself and now encourages him everyday to look at things more positively!

Caring for other people is one of the kindest and nicest things you can do in life. It not only lifts your friend up, but feels amazing to put others before yourself. 


The Giving Print

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