Our Mission

 Our mission is to help you think of others before yourself. 

On my 41st birthday, I had this idea to give away prints for free, but there was a catch. People had to think of someone else that need a print more than them. The response was amazing and I spent my entire birthday writing notes to deserving people and explaining to them that this print was from their friend. 

The feeling of that day has always stayed with me and a few weeks later I came up with the idea of giving two prints instead of one, so people could give the other one to someone they cared for. I called it The Giving Print.

We know it's not easy to think of others before yourself. Social media takes the sentiment out of your true intention to let someone know you care and that's why we came up with these beautiful prints in red frames that would really mean something to someone.

If you want to make a difference in someone's life, give them a Giving Print and the best part is that you get one too! Giving to someone else has never felt better!