First Editions

I feel like Landscape Photography only gets better as technology advances and it allows me (the Photographer) to make subtle changes to each picture, improving it's quality over time to look even better in your home! 

This is why I sell my prints in "Editions". Just like a book gets better with every edition, my prints get better as editing software gets better, improving the quality of each and every print over time.

  • First Editions - are the rarest and most sought after prints I sell. They are my "original edit", how I first see the picture in my mind and how I translate that onto the paper it's printed on. There are only 25 of these ever printed and I specifically choose the size of this edition to perfectly reflect how I feel the picture should be represented. I personally print every single one myself and they are all signed and numbered by me. 
  • Second Editions - have been tweaked to capture the essence of the picture in a slightly different way. Just like a book improves with every new edition, my prints also improve to make them come more alive and capture the attention of everyone that see's it! I sell 100 second editions at a slightly higher price and they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate more walls. 
  • Third Editions - are sold, because there's a lot of demand for the print. I look at the print one last time and make my final edit to it. I personally feel that this version of the print is the absolute best it will ever be! The first two editions are beautiful, but the third edition gets rid of any imperfections that may have existed before.

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