The first red frames just came in!!!

January 23, 2019

I'm so excited right now, because 17 of the 100 red frames I ordered just came in! Why just 17? Because I am getting all of them made by a local company in Montrose Colorado. I am doing everything I can to make every part of The Giving Print locally. I believe in helping the community and I have big plans of manufacturing all of my own frames in the future and using this new community of mine to the fullest.


As for now, I am so happy that I can start marketing The Giving Print! I'm one of those guys that likes to have everything together before I start something, but this business has really changed my way of thinking. I'm trying to change lives with this idea and it has really been a struggle to figure out how to approach it only because I've never done anything like this before.

For once I'm following my heart and not money and everything really changes when you do that. Yes, I still have to support my family and me, but this idea feels bigger than me. I love it and I want to struggle through it all if only someone I love finds encouragement through The Giving Print. 

I pray that these frames and the pictures that fill them change lives. I pray that make a difference in the way people look at themselves. I pray that love and hope takes off and gives wings to this very unorthodox idea of a business. 

If you have never heard of The Giving Print, check us out at 



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