If you only knew...

April 08, 2019

If you only knew...

I love this picture of Horseshoe Bend and it reminds me of a story I learned when my son was a year old...

My 1 year old son was crying in his crib one day. When I walked in the room, he was motioning for a drink of water. I said "I'll get you some buddy" and walked out the door only to hear him crying like crazy! I walked back in and he motioned for a drink of water again. I tried to explain that I was trying to do that for him, but every time I walked out the door, he was crying. 

That's when I turned to him and said "If you only knew what I was trying to do for you son, you wouldn't be crying."

My statement hit me like a ton of bricks and I thought, this must be exactly how God feels with us. We are in the middle of needing something in our life and He is putting all the pieces together to make it happen, but because we don't see it instantly, we cry, complain and ask why. 

I know He's up there thinking "If you only knew what I was doing in and through your life son, you wouldn't be crying". 

I think about that all the time. When I'm going through something difficult, I wonder what's waiting for me at the end of this big huge mess I'm in the middle of!

It's also how I feel when I look at this picture of Horseshoe Bend. I think about all the time it took to carve and create this amazing scene. There is no "time" with God. He knows the past, present and future and He knew what He was creating when Horseshoe Bend was in utter chaos with flooding waters and no hope in sight.

You may feel like your life is a mess right now, but if you only knew what God was doing through you, you wouldn't be crying. Instead, think of what's waiting for you in the future. Be curious and hopeful to what He has in store for you!

Your turn: If you have a story that is similar to this, I would love to hear it! What was it that you were going through and how did God eventually reveal His glory to you?

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