How my friend influenced The Giving Print

January 17, 2019

Life has it's ups and downs. We all go through good times and bad times, but it's easier to go through the bad times if you know someone cares for you. 

I have a friend that I care for dearly. I have been away from my hometown for over 4 years now, and little did I know, he was going through a tremendously rough time. He was overwhelmed with the thought of himself not being "good enough" for everyone around him, including his wife and kids. I had no idea he was going through this until I was visiting my hometown and he called me one night, drunk as can be and talking in a way that really concerned me. 

I immediately got in my car with another friend and went to see him. When I got there, he was crying on the phone, talking to one of his best friends in another city. He was alone in his house, smoking, cursing, and pretty much hating the world. We sat and talked for about an hour. I listened to what he was going through, and  when I felt he was safe for the night, then I headed back home (I had to catch a flight in the morning).

That night impacted me a lot. The Giving Print was something I was re-working and my friend was now the driving force behind it. I wanted desperately to let him know I cared, even though I was living halfway across the country. I also wanted to give him something that was going to be a constant reminder that I was thinking of him. I love this dude and I could feel that his life might be falling apart. It was imperative that I created something quickly that could hopefully impact his life.

That's when I came up with the idea for the red frame.  It represented everything I wanted to convey, but more importantly, it was a color that stood out on the wall and wouldn't get lost among other decor. I made a few test frames with our red color with a white matte, and I was blown away at how beautiful they actually turned out! I knew instantly that this was going to be something that my friend could see every day and feel good about himself! I ordered a few white boxes, some bubble wrap, created a letter that explained what The Giving Print was, a personal note to him and sent it off in the mail! He received it the day before Christmas. 

What I didn't know, is that his family had left him alone for Christmas, because he was not doing well, and my Giving Print was the only thing he had to comfort him at the time. 

When it comes to our friends who are going through hard times, we have to show up and be present for them. It's our responsibility to be there for them and listen to them, but unfortunately we can't always do that. In my case, I lived really far away. In most cases, life just gets so busy that our friends get tossed onto the back burner. It's not that we mean to put them back there, we just get too busy! 

No matter how busy we are, our friends mean the world to us, and The Giving Print helps you to express that in a way that has never been done before. Each picture represents a different emotion you perceive your friend to be, instead of the way they think of themselves! That picture, combined with the red frame, is life changing. It literally will never be forgotten and will never be discarded. It hangs on the wall and stays there as a constant reminder that you care for them. 

It took a couple of weeks, but my friend finally called me up and let me know exactly what was going on in his life. He was still upset, but he told me The Giving Print reminded him every night that he wasn't alone. Even though there was no one in the house, he knew I cared for him.

The Giving Print is just the first step. You still have to be present for your friend. You still have to text them, call them, listen to them and care for them above all else! I like to look at The Giving Print as a contract of sorts. By purchasing one, you're committing yourself to your friend and saying you're going to be there for them through thick and thin.

So, that's the direction I am taking The Giving Print right now. It started with my friend, but I pass it on to you. Who is on your heart right now? Do you feel helpless to do something? Is it hard to find the right words to say to them? Send them a Giving Print and start making a difference in their life.

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