An amazing new gift for Mother's Day!

April 24, 2019

An amazing new gift for Mother's Day!

Have you ever noticed how many pictures your Mom has on the wall? Embarrassing pictures of you when you were a kid, pictures of you graduating….. pictures means a lot and I found a company that understands that!
The Giving Print helps you tell Mom (or anyone) that you care, by using emotional photography in a red frame to say the words you can’t find.
Every single print at The Giving Print has a red frame and it represents your heart! 

Who would have thought that buying art for your Mom would be an option, but that’s exactly what The Giving Print does!
This is a new company that’s all about caring for others. They're super passionate about making a difference in peoples' lives!
The Giving Print serves as a constant reminder that you love her and since it's in a red frame, it stands out on the wall (in a good way). 
She'll look at it every day and be reminded of how much you love her. :)
But The Giving Print always likes to “Create a connection” between two people.
This is a company that strives on connections! They know how important it is to have a bond with someone you love, so they give you the option to buy two identical prints (at a discount) so that you can create that connection with your Mom. When you explain that you have the same print at your house, it means even more to her. Now, not only is your Mom thinking of you every time she looks at her print on the wall, but you'll think of her also!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that The Giving Print allows you to send a personal note to your Mom too. Even before you buy a print, you can write exactly what you want to say to her!
Mother's Day is an emotional day, and your Mom deserves to have a gift from you that will last forever. 
The Giving Print will be the first to tell you that you don’t have to buy their prints to create a connection, but it’s a good way to start!
This Mother’s Day, tell your Mom you love her. Express it to her in a way she will never forget.

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