Time to myself

Traveling full time in a 30ft Airstream trailer is awesome, but you lose a few things like privacy, stability and time to yourself.

Privacy is lost, because every time you take a dump, everyone hears and smells it. If you try to read a book inside (during the day) a 4 year old starts jumping on you. There really is no privacy in our small living space.

Stability is lost, because we are constantly traveling everywhere. There isn't enough time for us to get comfortable in each place we visit. Honestly, there is an itch for us to keep on going after a few days. I guess it just got ingrained in us, to pack up and go and it takes a concentrated effort to stay in one place longer than 4 days.

Time to myself.... I've forgotten what that is. It's not a bad thing. I love my family, but everyone needs time to themselves. My time to myself was always writing songs on guitar, but now I have no guitar, because it was to large to bring, nor do I have any time to actually sit down and play it. There definitely isn't any privacy in campgrounds, because spaces are so close together.

But, I'm learning... I've learned that when you slow down, get some stability in the different places you travel to, there's more time for Austin to get out and play, make friends and spend time outside. Rhonda can also find things to do on her own, when we are in a place long enough and I guess it allows me to have time to myself, run, play guitar (if I get a small travel size one) and think of some songs to write.

The fact of the matter is that we can all make time for ourselves, we just have to put all the pieces together and make it happen. It doesn't work out on it's own when you're traveling full time like us. So whatever it is that you need, go and make it happen. I'm up at 6am, while everyone else is asleep, making some "time for myself" to blog and get my thoughts down on this blog finally.

Happy travels!

Joe Hendricks

sunrise at Palouse falls
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