Starting a business in a small town

If you told me two years ago, I'd be living in a small town with 1700 people, trying to grow my brand new business, I would have said you're crazy!

2016 was the most amazing year! We sold everything in Nashville, bought our Airstream and hit the road full-time. Fast forward two years and we still have the Airstream, but we live in a small town in south Texas called Brackettville. How we got here is a story for another day.


I remember telling my wife, "If we can sell The Giving Print here, we can do it anywhere!" I was pretty enthusiastic about it and sold over 20 prints in the next few days! Of course, like a lot of entrepreneurs, I just assumed the business would keep on coming and we would be set. After all, we had a great product, the word will spread easy! WRONG!

Those sales died off quickly and I had no idea what to do about it. Unfortunately, I needed to make money quick, so I started taking pictures in Brackettville of families and advertised for weddings and quinceaneras. I don't even know what a quinceanera is! But I found myself overwhelmed with trying to start my "photography business" again in a new town, which couldn't pay the prices I was used to getting in Nashville TN.

Now it's been a year. You could call it a wasted year as far as The Giving Print goes. Looking back, I think of all the traction I could have gotten if I would have been focused on The Giving Print! Distractions are my number one villain. They pull me in directions that I don't need to go and my business suffers for it.


2018 is going to be the year of giving 100% to The Giving Print. Whether it succeeds or dies, we are going to find out for sure. I know that it's an amazing idea and it definitely has the possibility to catch on like wildfire, but it's going to take everything i have to make it happen.

As of this moment, I am making no money with The Giving Print. I hope to look back at this blog post a year from now and smile. I hope The Giving Print provides as many people as possible with a little hope in their life. Knowing that someone cares for you is the most wonderful feeling and that's exactly what we hope to accomplish with The Giving Print.


Pray for us ;)