Long Key State Park - Florida Keys

We heard the rumors, but weren't sure of what to expect from camping in the Florida Keys. We saw a last minute cancellation at Long Key State Park for 4 days and we swiped it up! With tax and everything else, it came to $44/night, which is pretty amazing for camping in the Keys!

From the Reserve America pictures, I couldn't really tell if we could see the beach from where we were, so we took a chance, hoping we could. As we pulled into the Florida Keys, it was exciting! The long stretch of 2 lane highway to get to the keys is surrounded by bright blue water, letting you know that you have arrived! 

Long Key State Park was absolutely beautiful and everything we expected! We backed up into our spot and it was right on the water!! Every spot there is waterfront, so if you get the chance to grab one at the last second, take it! I went on top of my truck to get a picture to show the exact location.

We arrived at low tide and there is a lot of seaweed on the "beach." I say that lightly, because there really isn't a beach, but more of a lot of shallow water that allows you to walk really far out into the ocean!

It was great for Austin (our 4 year old), to go exploring far out in the middle of the ocean! It's shallow for a long way out! There's plenty of mud to get stuck in and shells to hunt for! I went running around with Austin exploring the entire place and here are a few pictures to show our fun adventures!

There is a lot to do in the area, but my absolute favorite thing about Long Key are the sunrises! Man oh man, are they absolutely beautiful!! One by one, you see the couples starting to make their way out of their RV's with coffee in hand, enjoying the sunrise. I was even able to convince Rhonda to get up for one of them ;) 

 My neighbor drinking coffee

My neighbor drinking coffee

Long Key is everything you think the Airstream life is going to be. You park on the water, watch the sunrise, walk out in the ocean looking for sea life, splash around, meet your neighbors.... it's pretty amazing. I would highly recommend that anyone who travels to the Florida, make their way down to the keys! Watch that Reserve America site every day to find an opening at the last second ;)

Even the night time there is beautiful and allowed me to get some good pics of the Airstream parked under the stars.

I leave you with two more pictures. One of me throwing my son up in the air in the middle of the ocean water, and one of me watching the sunrise. They were my favorite things about camping at Long Key State Park. I hope you get the chance to enjoy this lifestyle for a few days. It's kind of like hitting a sweet shot in golf. That one shot keeps you going to back to golf more, because you know what's possible. When you get a spot like this, you realize the possibilities of the Airstream life and it keeps you going through all the mediocre spots ;)


We are currently in San Antonio, TX and are heading west. If you are in the area, look us up! We love meeting new people wherever we travel!

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