Big Bend at night under the stars.

There are very few places in the world where you can walk outside your Airstream and see nothing but stars. I got my family up to experience this in the middle of the night! It was the first time ever that Rhonda was not mad at me for waking her up ;)

If you stay out there long enough and let your eyes adjust you can see the milky way with your own eyes! It's truly amazing. You can see from the pictures that there are a ton of stars! 

airstream under the stars

When you see a place like this, it might you thankful for everything you have in your life. You just want to sit out there and never go back inside, it's that beautiful. 

Airstream after sunset under stars

Of course, I have a shiny Airstream that I can use as the center of all of my pictures, so why not! I moved my trucked and left it all by itself (with Rhonda and Austin inside). I used a head lamp to light it up while I did a long exposure of it under the stars! here is the final product.

PicturesJoe Hendricks