Joe Hendricks

I'm the Dreamer. The one who thinks anything is possible and here I am chasing another dream with The Giving Print! I've been a photographer for over half of my life and in 2016, I convinced my family to sell everything and travel America in an Airstream! We are still in that Airstream and we are still traveling!  I am also a songwriter, runner and creator of ideas!

I hope you LOVE The Giving Print and if there are any questions you have for me, feel free to email me at


Rhonda Hendricks

When I think of the adventure we've been on so far, it blows my mind. I've said numerous times before, that I wish I had a video of my reaction the first time Joe mentioned selling our house, getting an Airstream, and traveling the country! I probably just laughed at him. I REALLY had to come around to the idea...but I wouldn't trade these experiences with my family for anything! 

I am insanely proud of Joe's talent, and of his heart to help others by creating The Giving Print. My hope is that the photographs inspire you, and that they'll truly impact the people who receive them. We want to "show off" God's incredible creation! Email me about anything at 


Austin Hendricks

By far, Austin is the coolest of the bunch! He has a ton of Junior Ranger badges, he's spent 1/3 of his life on the road, he's been to more states than you and I could ever dream of, and he is absolutely fearless when it comes to climbing things!

He also believes in TGB more then us sometimes! He always tells us to give someone a "Giving Print" to make them feel better.