How TGP started

He is risen-1-2.jpg

On my 41st birthday, I had an idea to give away my fine art prints for FREE...but there was a (kind-hearted) catch. You had give the print to someone else who needed hope in their life. The requests for prints came pouring in and I spent my birthday creating dozens of prints off to people. It was my most rewarding birthday ever! Afterward, I kept thinking of a way I could give prints away! I KNOW it sounds crazy, but that's where my heart was leading me and pretty soon, I came up with idea of The Giving Print. 

So, what is The Giving Print? It's a way to GIVE HOPE THROUGH ART! Every time you buy a print, you get two. One for yourself and one to give to someone else. It’s very simple! We make it easy for you to give to others by providing everything you need with your purchase. Your prints will arrive neatly packaged and ready to give.