The Giving Print

For thoughtful people who want to send an unforgettable work of art to someone they care about.

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Our signature red frame represents your thoughtful heart.

Our frustration was with cards and flowers.

Because, they get thrown away and eventually that person forgets your good intentions. You know what they won't forget? A beautiful and emotional Giving Print hanging on their wall in that amazing red frame! 

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Who is The Giving Print for?

- Friends that mean the world to you.

- The love of your life.

- Someone going through a hard time.

- People you want to encourage.

- Anyone who needs hope in their life.


The Giving Print is the most heart-changing way to say you care for someone.


Our Vision for the Giving Print

We believe that everyone has a purpose in life, but doing life alone is hard. So we set out to create an unforgettable work of art that would go up on the wall and never be forgotten.

Can you encourage people with cards and flowers? Of course you can, but they don't last forever.

The Giving Print goes up on the wall as a constant reminder that some really care!

The Giving Print

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